Process to Recycle Scrap Metal

The process to Recycle Scrap Metal…..Metals is a valuable material that is used in our day-to-day life. These are used to make cars, pans, pots, cutlery, trucks, aeroplanes, trains, ships. Metals can be recycled repeatedly without amending their properties. Steel is the most recycled material on the planet, says, American Iron and Steel Institute ( AISI ).  Metals can be divided into two categories – Ferrous and Non- Ferrous. Aluminium, copper, silver, brass and gold are some Ferrous metals that can be immensely recycled. We also can Recycle Aluminum Can for the School and College Projects.

Recycle Scrap Metal

Recycle Scrap Metal

Why are Metals Recycled?

Metals are worthwhile substances which can be recycled frequently. Scrap metal is profitable, which attracts the public to collect it for sale to recycling activity. While exacting less energy to grow than the accomplishing of new products using the pure raw material, the preservation of natural resources is enabled by the recycling of metals. Recycling is beneficial nowadays, as it saves a lot of money and grants the processing business to reduce the production cost. Also, Recycling releases less carbon dioxide and harmful gases.

The Process to Recycle Scrap Metal

The Process of Metal Recycling consists of four stages. The Scrap Yards collected scrap metal where it is sorted in bins. Scrap Metals are non-ferrous metal items that have a component of steel or iron.

1.Collecting and Sorting

The first step of Metal recycling includes the collection of Metal products. Whitegoods, radiators, steels or alloy wheels, roller shutters, bicycles and batteries and even stainless steel kitchen sink are some examples of scrap metal items that can be recycled. Due to the demand for recycled scrap metal, it has a high price.

2.Crushing and Shredding

Scrap Metal Processing plants crush the metals in garbage disposer so that it can be handled on carrier belts easier. Then the metals are shred into pieces the size of your hand by hammer mills.

Recycle Scrap Metal

Recycle Scrap Metal


Shredded metal is then implanted into magnetic drums which splits ferrous and non-ferrous. Paint or Plastics which is non-metallic materials is removed by blowing hot air (550⁰ Celsius) through the shredded metal, acting as a vacuum and sucking all the impurities.

4.Melting and Purification

Further, the different scrap metals in large stoves. Each and every metal is granted a specially designed boiler build on its characteristics.  To weaken the chunk of energy used and bang on the environment, there are furnaces that are fuel efficient advanced heaters. They are furnished with jet stirrers, assuring an even temperature and balance by advertising metal circulation within the stoves. The highest quality end product is ensured by the process of stirring.

Some Metals Recycling Facts

  • Only 30% of metals are recycled, knowing that each and every kind of metal can be recycled repeatedly without even degrading its characteristics.
  • Presently, the single most recycled consumer product in the U.S is the Aluminum Cans.
  • You are wasting energy identical to the same can filled with gasoline if you are hurling even a single can of Aluminum.
  • Worldwide 42% per cent of steel production is made using recycled steel.
  • Steel and iron are the utmost recycled materials on this planet that give you the excuse to recover large structures as well as the ease of reprocessing.

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