10 Best ways to Recycle Old News Paper

Recycle Old News Paper As we all know that the newspaper is becoming disused. Many people get the news from the television and many from the internet. The newspaper has become the old-fashioned source of news. These paper have no use for us now. Instead of throwing this in bins or outside and wasting papers, one can recycle them. One can also show their creative skills and make reusable things of their own. Recycle old things is the good way to save the environment. We can recycle aluminium cans and Scrap metal.

Recycle Old News Paper

Clean window or glass

Recycle Old News Paper

Recycle Old News Paper

You can clean the glass of the window without any harmful chemicals. For that, you need to crumble the newspaper and dip it into white vinegar and clean it. Your glass window will not have even a single spot with this.

Wrapping gifts with old Newspaper

Wrapping gifts with a newspaper is a good idea. This can save money. Wrap the gift, colour it and decorate it with beads. Your cute gift wrapped with newspaper is ready.

Ripening fruit with Old NewsPaper

Recycle Old News Paper

Recycle Old News Paper

If you have picked up under-ripen fruits like peaches, lemon, tomatoes and others. You can wrap the fruits by the newspaper to ripen the fruits the quickly.

Make paper bag

Making bags with newspaper is the best ways to recycle, instead of using plastic bags. It can save money and prevent pollution. Moreover, its super easy, one can also make it at home.

Room Décor with Old Newspaper

Show your creativity and make hangings for your room with newspaper. Your room will look extremely cute.

Notebook wrapping paper

Recycle Old News Paper

Recycle Old News Paper

Instead of buying expensive paper wrapping and wasting money. You can cover your notebook with the newspaper and decorate it. It can save money.

Envelopes with Old Newspaper

Recycle Old News Paper

Recycle Old News Paper

White envelopes are too boring. Now, we can make envelopes with newspaper. It saves money and paper. Newspaper envelopes will look very cute. One must try this at home.

Mini Basket

A basket full of fruits is healthy for everybody. For that, you need a basket you can make a cute mini basket at home. It is super easy to make it, colour it and decorate it.

Seedling Pots


Seedling pots of the newspaper will look gorgeous in your garden. You can decorate it the way you want. It also saves money.

Benefits of Recycling Newspaper

Recycling newspaper conserves natural resources, saves energy, reduces the amount of pollution and keeps space free of garbage or any type of trash that cannot be recycled. Recycling of newspaper can save 17 trees, water, oil, landfill space and energy. Business must promote a company or a community for maintaining a recycling program.

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