10 Best ways to Recycle Cardboard Boxes

Best ways to Recycle Cardboard Boxes We all know that technology is steadily giving us new ways of doing things, but there are some things that firmly stay the same. Take the example of a cardboard box. Whenever we order something online, that product is delivered to us packaged in a cardboard box. Think what do we do with the cardboard boxes when the delivered product is safely removed. We usually throw these cardboard boxes outside, hence polluting the environment. As we know cardboard can be bent, cut, painted, wrapped and design in any way you can imagine. So why just waste this cardboard and do some Amazing DIY projects with this.

Cardboard Box crafts for adults

Desktop Catchall Organizer

Best ways to Recycle Cardboard Boxes

Best ways to Recycle Cardboard Boxes

Who knew that cardboard can be very useful for us, we can never lose our phone and keys again. You can make this type of holder with a cardboard sheet. First, we need to cut the sheet and make a template. Stick the cardboard sheet with glue. Your things holder is ready now. Colour it and decorate it beautifully.

Geometric Cardboard Lamp

You can make this beautiful lamp with cardboard boxes. This is super easy and the cheapest way to decorate and enlighten your home. For that cut the cardboard box into layers, paste them into layers. The light bulb in it. Your Geometric Cardboard lamp is ready. Raed out the How to Reuse Beer cans

Best ways to Recycle Cardboard Boxes

Colourful Cardboard Lanterns

Imagine these beautiful hanging in your ceiling. This is super easy to make and is less expensive.

New boxes out of old boxes

These super cute boxes are easy to create and are cheap. It can be used to store your accessories, you can also colour and decorate the boxes.

Magazine File Holder

Make a stylish magazine files holder by cutting the cardboard boxes into proper sizes. Cover it with decorative paper and fabrics.


Stylish Storage Boxes


These cute storage boxes are super easy to create. They might look hard but are very easy to make. Spray the boxes with your favourite colour. For the carrying purpose attach the belt. Your storage boxes are ready.

Cardboard Play Dome

You can build a cardboard dome house for your kids. You can decorate the house. Make it attractive, interesting and fun for your kids.

Cardboard Decoration Ideas

Gift Tags

These tags can be used for labelling boxes or tagging gifts. This is a super easy and cheap way to mark your stuff.

Wall Art


Cut the cardboard into hexagons and colour it of your choice. You can cut cardboard into different changes for your wall. Easy-peasy. No instructions for this one. We know you can do it!

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