10 Best Beer Can Crafts Ideas

Beer Can Crafts Ideas…If you are drifted to drink a lot of beer, then there must be a lot of beer cans lying in your house which causes a huge mess. You must have been thinking of doing some DIY projects with these cans. In the end, you had thrown those cans outside the house on roads or in public dustbins, thinking that DIY projects need expensive decorating material and dropping the idea of DIY or because of your laziness.

Best Beer Can Crafts Ideas

These beer cans are made of Aluminium. Throwing out these cans can harm the environment. The garbage pickers burn all the garbage including the beer cans. The cans when heated gives off sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide, which result in smog and acid rain. Thus, causes pollution in the environment. So, to prevent pollution in the environment. You can make DIY out of these cans. Here you can find how to recycle aluminium cans.


Best Beer Can Crafts Ideas

Best Beer Can Crafts Ideas

You can make your own ashtrays and for that, you just have to cut the can into strips, so that it looks like a flower. After that bend the strips in half. Continue all the way around. Your own ashtray is ready. If you don’t smoke you can use these ashtrays as a jewellery holder or soap bar holder.

Metal Flowers

What a nice way of decorating your home shelf, mantle or table with metal flowers. This showpiece will look amazing in your home.

Beer Can LAMP

This beautiful lamp is made from the beer can. It can be used in your living room or even in the bedroom. This is a gorgeous and unique lighting source which is easy to make. It can lighten your house as well as your life.


You must have faced the problem of not finding the right sized cookie cutter at the right time. Now, you can make your own cookie cutter of the size which you need. These cookie cutter from beer cans are super easy to make and can help you whenever needed. Check here to the ways of recycling old news paper.


Best Beer Can Crafts Ideas

Best Beer Can Crafts Ideas

These cute flowers made of beer cans are perfect for your lawn or porch this spring. You can make the flowers more colourful and add wonderful vintage feel to them. These are super easy to make. You just need to cut the top and cut the sides vertically for flower shapes and colour theme of your choice.


These beer tab curtains will look classy hanging in your room. You can show your creativity by adding more ideas for decorating these. You can also paint these soda tabs.


You can create this type of earrings to wear. The basic earring hardware is available is in all crafts store. You can cut them in any shape and spray them and leave it as they are to let it dry. You can make different types of pairs of earrings every month without spending anything at all.


This gorgeous necklace is made from beer cans. You can cut the cans in the shape what you need. This is perfect customized handmade necklace to gift someone. This a great piece of jewellery for girls and is easy to create.


These cute bracelets are very easy to make. It can also be gifted and doesn’t need anything expensive. They make unique fashion. You can make as many bracelets as you want with just soda cans.


These adorable keychains are super easy to make. It would be loved by every teenager. These can brighten up your road trips. You can make these for someone special and makes a memory in their heart.

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